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Divorce Coach or Therapist?

If you are thinking about or in the process of going through a divorce, you may be wondering who you can turn to for support, to vent, to process, and maybe for some directions on what steps to take next. At Foundations Divorce Solutions, we firmly believe that both a divorce coach and therapist are […]
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Five Crucial Tips for Co-Parenting During Summer Break

Summer break is approaching, which means the kids have more free time. This can present unique time management challenges for divorced couples as the set schedule established for the school year is disrupted. It’s important to coordinate with your co-parent about organizing summer plans and the division of parenting time. It’s also a time cherished […]
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How an Affair Can Impact Your Divorce

Infidelity in a marriage is a deep betrayal. It’s the breaking of promised vows and while acts of indiscretion don’t necessarily always lead to divorce, it can be hard to get past the breaking of trust. But how does infidelity impact a divorce? Foundations Divorce Solutions is here with some answers to this question that […]
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