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The Akiona Law Podcast: Featuring Caroline Pak

In this episode of The Akiona Law Podcast, Lani speaks with Caroline Pak, a certified divorce financial analyst, and divorce and transitions coach, who helps people going through divorce navigate the financial and emotional challenges of the process.
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The Divorce Team: Divorce Coach or Therapist

If you are thinking about or in the process of going through a divorce, you may be wondering who you can turn to for support, to vent, to process and maybe for some directions on what steps to take next.   At Foundations Divorce Solutions, we firmly believe that both a divorce coach and therapist […]
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The Divorce Team: The Financial Expert

Last week, we mentioned two different people who want as part of Your Divorce Team – Your Divorce Attorney and The Mediator.  This week, we will look into the importance of having a Financial Expert on Your Team but not just any Financial Expert but one specially trained for the work of divorce. CERTIFIED DIVORCE […]
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The Divorce Team: Your Mediator

As we continue the conversation on Your Divorce Team, another essential member is your Mediator. As mentioned in the Types of Divorce, most divorces are settled outside of the courtroom. About 95%.  Unless you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse want to surrender your decision-making power completely to a judge and spend enormous amounts of money on […]
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The Divorce Team: Your Attorney

When we think about divorce, we automatically think of hiring a divorce attorney, but did you know that there are other experts and professionals you may want to consult with and even hire, as you start to think about divorce, start to strategize and map out the next steps towards divorce or separation and even […]
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The Basics of Divorce: Alternative Dispute Resolutions and Pro Se

In our final segment of the Types of Divorces in The Basics of Divorce Series, we will discuss Alternative Dispute Resolutions and Pro Se divorces as an option to hiring attorneys and fighting your way in a courtroom and out of your marriage. In the State of Washington, you have 11 months to complete some […]
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The Basics of Divorce: Collaborative Practice and Co-operative Divorce

Who knew there were so many ways to get a divorce?  In this week’s Build Your Foundations, we will look more carefully at the Collaborative Practice and the Cooperative Divorce.  Both of these ways to divorce are alternatives to going to litigation and fighting things out before a judge. The Collaborative Practice   Here are the […]
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The Basics of Divorce: Litigation

Every couple who files for divorce has the right to meet before a judge.  Whether going before a judge is the best direction for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse is a conversation you may want to consider having with them before you head down this path.  As mentioned, there are many different ways a couple […]
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The Basics of Divorce: Types of Divorce, An Overview

When you think about divorce, what is the first image that comes to mind?  For me, it was always the courtroom with the lawyers battling it out for their clients. Spouses accusing one another of the laundry list of wrongdoings. The truth is that going to court in this manner is just one of the […]
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Mental Health Pause: Community and Self Care

This month on Build Your Foundations, we have been diving deep into the topic of trauma as we take our Mental Health Pause. In the previous weeks, we have established that we have all experienced traumas.  Most of us have experienced trauma with a lower-case t and some of us have experienced trauma with a […]
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