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The Basics of Divorce: Litigation

Every couple who files for divorce has the right to meet before a judge.  Whether going before a judge is the best direction for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse is a conversation you may want to consider having with them before you head down this path.  As mentioned, there are many different ways a couple […]
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The Basics of Divorce: Types of Divorce, An Overview

When you think about divorce, what is the first image that comes to mind?  For me, it was always the courtroom with the lawyers battling it out for their clients. Spouses accusing one another of the laundry list of wrongdoings. The truth is that going to court in this manner is just one of the […]
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Mental Health Pause: Community and Self Care

This month on Build Your Foundations, we have been diving deep into the topic of trauma as we take our Mental Health Pause. In the previous weeks, we have established that we have all experienced traumas.  Most of us have experienced trauma with a lower-case t and some of us have experienced trauma with a […]
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Mental Health Pause: Trauma with a Capital T

This week on Build Your Foundations, we will be discussing Trauma with a Capital T.  We were hoping that the Mental Health Pause we have been taking in the month of August would be insightful to our fans and would help encourage you to pursue your own mental wellbeing.  What we did not realize was […]
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Mental Health Pause: We All Have Trauma

This month on Build Your Foundations, we will shift our focus from our Financials of Divorce Series and take this month to take a Mental Health Pause. If you have been paying any attention to the Olympics or the world news in general, Simone Biles has been in the headlines in recent weeks because she […]
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Money Basics – Emergency Fund

On Build Your Foundations, we have been diving headfirst this month, into the Money Basics Series.  So far, we have established the  ABC’s of basic budgeting, setting financial goals such as eliminating debt and establishing credit.  In our final week of the series, we will review another key component of money basics – the need […]
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Money Basics – Credit

As we continue our Money Basics Series on Build Your Foundations, we have so far touched on the ABC’s of basic budgeting, setting financial goals, and eliminating debt.  This week, we will focus on credit.   A friend from Australia was sharing that when she came to the United States as a student, no one spoke […]
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Money Basics: DEBT

As we continue our money basics series on Build Your Foundation, we will continue to build on the ABC’s of Basic Budgeting, as well as setting financial goals.  One financial goal you may consider setting is getting yourself out of debt.*  Having debt can weigh heavily on your emotions and mental state of mind.  With […]
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Goal Setting in Your Personal Budget

Goal setting is not just about your fitness goals, your career goals but even in your financial goals, setting goals for your budget can give you structure and a clear vision of the direction you are currently heading and where you would like to go in the short-term, medium-term and long-term future. In last week’s […]
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