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Simple 5 Step Process

The financial complexities of divorce may seem daunting, and we have the experience and track record of success with hundreds of couples to ensure you're in good hands.
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Is Divorce Mediation for You? | Foundations Divorce Solutions

Initial Consultation

An initial meeting where we can learn about your situation, answer any questions you have, and get clarity on the desired outcomes of each party. At that meeting we’ll give you a list of documents to provide to us and client data sheets to complete.

Coaching | Document Gathering

Individual sessions are scheduled with each party to discuss your interests and give you some coaching on how to make mediation the most successful. You also have time to gather your relevant documents to provide to us via secure, online shared storage.

Negotiation Preparation

Now it’s our turn. We will complete all of the data entry, analysis, and report preparation for a joint negotiation meeting.

2-Hour Negotiation Session

We schedule a 2-hour presentation/negotiation session where we present our findings and offer one or more settlement options to consider. We work with you until all aspects of your settlement are decided.

Document Preparation and Filing

Document preparation and filing by our Certified Legal Document Preparer. The entire process can be completed in as little as 4 weeks…seriously. And you never see a judge or a courtroom.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Although going through a divorce is difficult, it doesn’t have to be devastating. Make sure that the next chapter of your life begins with a foundation for a sound financial future.

At Foundations Divorce Solutions, we provide clients with the tools and knowledge to ensure them that they understand the financial ramifications of ALL division of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We also consider and focus on our client’s ability to maintain the liquidity/cash flow to afford the optimal lifestyle after their divorce is settled.

In most cases, nothing can be done to change the financial decisions listed in a divorce decree, after the fact. Therefore, helping a client understand their financial situation before, during and after the divorce can save both money and frustration in the future.


Caroline Pak

Founder | CEO | CDFA®

why choose us?

We can turn fear and uncertainty into peace and confidence.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our expert CDFA® is a trained financial professional who can help you navigate the financial aspects of divorce.

Client Relationship

We provide you with an unparalleled level of client service to achieve the results and resolution that you need.

Reputation for Results

We are a results-driven partner for divorce mediation and divorce financial planning that you can trust.

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