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The financial intricacies of divorce can be daunting for all involved. Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ will ensure that the settlement decisions you make will be fully educated and informed. Don't leave your financial future to chance.

Foundations Coaching Group

Our team provides the financial strategy needed to facilitate rational and informed conclusions during an otherwise emotionally chaotic period.

Divorce Financial Planning

Our team provides the financial strategy needed to facilitate rational and informed conclusions during an otherwise emotionally chaotic period.

Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse want to avoid court hearings, discovery, finger-pointing, and a costly trial, you may benefit from divorce mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

We offer you and your spouse the support, protection, and guidance through our own professional advisor without going to court.
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You, your family and your needs are unique. Divorce is a critical time in the life of a family. We help make it easier and walk you through each step.

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In these tough economic times, it’s crucial that you get the right information so that you can make sound financial – not emotional – decisions before, during and after divorce.

Caroline Pak, CDFA®️

Mediator | Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®️

Caroline Pak works closely with her clients during divorce to deal with complicated financial issues. Caroline also provides comprehensive wealth management for individuals and families. Her expertise resides in working with clients who may see themselves at a turning point in their lives.

A CDFA® is one who specializes in the financial issues surrounding divorce. The role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® includes acting as an advisor to one party’s divorce lawyer, or as a mediator for both parties. A CDFA® uses his or her knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning to achieve an equitable settlement.

Attorneys are professionals trained to advise and protect people’s legal rights, and they must have a depth of knowledge in all areas of the law in which they practice in order to represent their clients adequately. It is not really fair or reasonable to expect that they will also have the depth of knowledge in taxes, pension distributions, insurance issues, long-term ramifications of property division or financial planning, which will assure that all your concerns about how you will be able to live after the divorce are addressed appropriately.

Not necessarily, mainly due to the fact that CDFA’s® charge less than attorneys in the same area, thus the amount of professional time spent analyzing your finances will cost less in total. Also, because of their expertise in financial analysis, CDFA’s® can often complete the process faster and more accurately, allowing for an excess of time and money to explore financial issues usually not addressed by attorneys.

CDFA’s® are trained to advocate for men and women throughout the divorce process. The CDFA® simply interprets the numbers and helps the attorney build a strong case that’s in the client’s best interest.

Foundations Divorce Solutions concentrates on the client’s current and future financial situation to help provide financial peace of mind both during and after the divorce. They do not sell financial products (e.g. life insurance, stocks), which further provides them with the ability to be objective and focused when working with clients on the financial issues of their divorce.

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