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Five Crucial Tips for Co-Parenting During Summer Break

Summer break is approaching, which means the kids have more free time. This can present unique time management challenges for divorced couples as the set schedule established for the school year is disrupted. It’s important to coordinate with your co-parent about organizing summer plans and the division of parenting time. It’s also a time cherished […]
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How an Affair Can Impact Your Divorce

Infidelity in a marriage is a deep betrayal. It’s the breaking of promised vows and while acts of indiscretion don’t necessarily always lead to divorce, it can be hard to get past the breaking of trust. But how does infidelity impact a divorce? Foundations Divorce Solutions is here with some answers to this question that […]
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What You Should Know About Social Security and Divorce

Few things rock a person’s finances harder than a divorce. And if you were a stay-at-home parent who left a career to take care of the kids while your spouse worked full-time, you may find yourself worried about your financial future and retirement down the line. Washington state law calls for divorce settlements to reflect […]
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Why You Should Work with a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

One of the biggest assets that a divorcing couple possesses is their marital home. This holds true from both a monetary and emotional standpoint. Homes are filled with memories and milestones and are often a sticky point in divorce settlement negotiations. Generally, settlement negotiations strive to find a middle ground and an equitable division of […]
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Divorce Settlement Agreement FAQs

A divorce settlement agreement is one of the most essential contracts that you will negotiate and sign during your divorce. But what is it, and why is it so important? Your settlement agreement is something that should be taken seriously, and this can’t be stressed enough. That’s why Foundations Divorce Solutions has put together a […]
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The 3 Most Overlooked Financial Issues in Divorce

Divorce is a huge life event with the ability to really shake up your financial situation because it calls for the total division and separation of shared assets. Most divorcing couples have at least considered the financial consequences of divorce ahead of filing.  Any way you slice it, divorce can be costly and amid the […]
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Dividing Retirement Accounts in Divorce

Retirement might be the last thing on your mind as you navigate the murky waters of divorce, but it’s certainly something that divorcing couples need to consider during and after the split. Your financial future and retirement savings can be profoundly impacted by a divorce and, depending on the particulars of your situation, you could […]
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How Much Should My Divorce Cost: The Price of Peace

Any way you slice it, divorce has a price tag. Attorney fees, filing fees, and other court-related costs can add up quicker than you think. So, what is the price of peace? How you go about obtaining your divorce is a huge determining factor in overall cost. What are the reasons that divorces become costly? […]
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